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 The BioFrontiers Sequencing Facility has implemented the use of iLab Solutions to facilitate with scheduling, sample tracking and billing.  In order to schedule equipment or submit samples,  you and your PI will need to create an iLab account. 

Once you have created an account, go to and use your CU Identikey credentials to log in.  Follow the instructions below to Request a Service for your sample submission or schedule equipment (such as the TapeStation or qPCR).  You will also find instructions on accessing your data and account management for principal investigators.  


How do I ...Instructions

Register for iLab as a PI

Email Amber Scott at 

Register for iLab as a user

Register for iLab

Submit a sample for quality control Request Service
Submit a sample for sequencing Request Service
Submit a sample for library preparation Request Service
Submit samples to be analyzed by the TapeStation TapeStation Reservation
Make a reservation for the qPCR instrument QuantStudio 6 qPCR
Find my data

Accessing data (PC)

Accessing data (Mac)

Accessing data (Fiji)

View the equipment calendars Viewing Schedules
Approve members of my lab (PIs only) PI Directions
Assign speed types to lab members (PIs only) PI Directions

For more information on using iLab please visit their HELP page:

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