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NextSeq 500

NextSeq 500

The NextSeq 500 system is capable of a broad range of applications, from RNA sequencing, shotgun metagenomics, and more. The NextSeq is a great option when you need more sequencing data than can be provided with a MiSeq. A single NextSeq run is the rough equivalent to 1-2 lanes on a HiSeq, but the single run format and fast turnaround time (<30h) means shorter queues for your projects.

NextSeq Run Formats

The NextSeq generates about 130 million reads passing filter for the Mid-Output kits, or up to 400 million reads passing filter for the High-Output kits. 

KitFormat (single/paired end)Typcial Gb/run

Mid-Output 150-cycle

single read, 1x150

paired-end, 2x75

19 Gb

Mid-Output 300-cycle

paired-end, 2x150

39 Gb

High-Output 75-cycle

single read, 1x75bp

paired-end, 2x37bp

30 Gb

High-Output 150-cycle

single read, 1x150

paired-end, 2x75

60 Gb

High-Output 300-cycle

paired-end, 2x150

120 Gb


Pricing and Scheduling

Prices for sequencing depend on the type of kit (see above), whether you requested our team to perform Library Prep, and how many samples need to go through QA/QC and pooling.

To begin a sequencing project, please log into iLab for making reservations and project submission: 

You may also contact us by emailing or call the facility at 303-735-1255.

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