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Training Request Form

Thank you for your interest in using the microscopes found within the BioFrontiers Advanced Light Microscopy Core. You must be formally and properly trained before you will be allowed to use equipment that is part of the BioFrontiers Advanced Light Microscopy Core. A typical training consists of two sessions that last up to 3 hours each depending on your previous experience and the microscope in question.

The first session covers multiple topics, including:

  • Microscope components and software overview
  • Explanation on how to operate the microscope
  • Start-up and Shut-down procedures
  • Guided and individual hands-on operating time using standard slides
  • Time permitting, you will be able to image your own samples

The second session takes place ideally no more than 1 week after your initial session. This second session is an evaluation of your capabilities on the microscope. During this session, you will do the following by yourself:

  • Start the microscope
  • Operate the microscope
  • Attempt to trouble shoot the microscope (if necessary)
  • Shut down the microscope

Someone will be available to provide you with assistance for the entirety of the second session, though they will not be in the room with you. They will periodically check in with you, watch your progress, and offer guidance when appropriate. A major part of this second session is for you to learn how to operate the microscope on your own in an efficient and effective manner. If necessary, additional training sessions will be scheduled until both you and the facility director feel that you are competent enough to operate the microscope on your own.

Before your training can take place, you must:

  1. Complete the training request form (found below)
  2. Complete the Immersion Medium and Microscope Objectives Quiz
  3. Attend an in-person meeting with the Core director to discuss your imaging needs.
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Which microscope would you like to be trained on?  

User Responsibility #1   The equipment housed in this facility serves an entire community of users and is fragile. In order to use this equipment, I agree to be a part of this community and will use the equipment carefully and report any potential negligent use.
User Responsibility #2   I agree to learn as much as I can during the training session. If I do not feel comfortable independently using the equipment, I will request additional training from the BioFrontiers Advanced Light Microscopy Core.
User Responsibility #3   I understand that once I am trained, under no circumstances may I train other users, or use the microscope for them. All users must undergo training by the facility director.
User Responsibility #4   I understand that it is absolutely necessary to use the online scheduling system to use a microscope. Unscheduled use of a microscope can lead to termination of access to the facility. Also, I agree to be accountable for the time that I sign up on a microscope, and will shut down the microscope properly if I am the final user for the day.
User Responsibility #5   I will formally acknowledge the use of the facility in any publications or presentations (e.g. Oral, Posters) that include images acquired using core technologies. Please see the Acknowledge the Core page for the proper terminology to use.
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