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2016 Open House Tours: Academic

There are several facilities and shared instrumentation centers that will offer guided tours during the upcoming Open House event.  Below is a brief description of each entity, a link to their website (if available) and a link for registration.

Please do not register for more than 3 tours.

Please do not hesitate to contact Joe Dragavon ( if you have any difficulties with your registration.


Entity:Light Microscopy Core Facility
Contact: Jolien Tyler
Description: The mission of the Light Microscopy Core Facility is to provide labs from the University of Colorado and the surrounding community with access and support to advanced imaging research instrumentation.
Tour Registration:


Entity:High-Thoughput Screening Core Facility
Contact: Wei Wang
Description: The High-Throughput Screening Core Facility is supported by the University of Colorado, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, BioFrontiers Institute, the State of Colorado, and the Wang Lab. It is a non-profit core facility aiming to promote chemical biology research and drug discovery at CU Boulder and surrounding areas.
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Entity:Boulder Electron Microscopy Services
Contact: Garry Morgan
Description: The CU-Boulder Electron Microscopy Service provides access to a full range of transmission electron microscopy imaging services including conventional TEM, electron tomography and cryo-electron microscopy.
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Entity:Colorado Nanofabrication Lab
Contact: Tzu-Min Ou
Description: The Colorado Nanofabrication laboratory (CNL) is an open user facility at the University of Colorado on the Boulder campus. Our mission is to provide expertise, facilities, infrastructure and teaming environments to enable and facilitate interdisciplinary research in microelectronics, optoelectronics, and MEMS.
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Entity:JILA Keck Lab
Contact: David Alchenberger
Description: The W. M. Keck Optical Measurement Laboratory manages both the Optical Metrology Lab and JILA's Micro and Nanofabrication Facility. The Keck Lab was designed to support research at JILA, but under certain conditions the facility is also available to other University of Colorado researchers and local industry. The optical metrology lab is a 581 square-foot facility that houses JILA's shared optical measurement instruments.
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Entity:CU Boulder Earth Systems Stable Isotope Lab
Contact: Brett Davidheiser-Kroll
Description: Primary instrumentation within the Stable Isotope Lab includes two magnetic sector, gas source isotope ratio mass spectrometers:

(1) a Thermo MAT 253+ for high-precision, dual inlet analysis of multiply-substituted (“clumped”) isotopologues of CO2.

(2) a Thermo Delta V with EA, Gasbench and TCEA for continuous flow analysis of C,H,N,O and S stable isotopes from a range of sample materials.

In addition, the facility houses equipment for sample processing including solid sample preparation, and custom-made on-line and off-line vacuum extraction systems.

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Entity:Electron Microprobe Laboratory
Contact: Julien Allez
Description: The Electron Microprobe Laboratory includes a JEOL JXA-8230 Superprobe equipped with LaB6 electron gun and loaded with large monochromators. This new 5-spectrometer instrument enhances our spatial resolution (beam size ca. 0.2-0.7 µm) and our analytical capabilities, notably in term of trace element analysis. With this technology we can perform trace element analysis in sulfide for rare and precious elements (Au, Ag, Te...), titanium analysis in quartz for thermometry, U-Th-Pb dating of monazite, etc.
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