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BioFrontiers Advanced Light Microscopy Core

Welcome to the BioFrontiers Advanced Light Microscopy Core, a user facility designed to advance biological discovery through quantitative microscopy techniques. The facility is open to the entire CU-Boulder community and local industry.

Director: Joe Dragavon, PhD
Email: biof-imaging _at_
Phone: 303.735.6988

Image Analysis Specialist: Jian Tay, PhD
Email: biof-imaging _at_

Contact us to request a training on our equipment at: biof-imaging _at_

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Current demands in biological research require the capability to observe cellular and sub-cellular events and phenomena both punctually as well as over time.  The BioFrontiers Advanced Light Microscopy Core is capable to meet these imaging needs. The low signal levels that result from biologically important processes, as well as the spatio-temporal dynamic nature of these processes (3D; millisecond timescales; longitudinal observation), necessitates the use of versatile, reconfigurable, high-speed, and high-sensitivity imaging technologies.  Multiple imaging technologies are housed within the BioFrontiers Advanced Light Microscopy Core that can meet these rigorous demands, ranging from conventional widefield to state-of-the-art Super Resolution/localization microscopies.

The following imaging technologies are available for use:

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