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Preparing for the Workshop

Preparing for the workshop Short-Read Workshop 2017

We have put together a few things that we would like everyone to do before the start of the workshop. Please do your best to come prepared so we can get straight into learning new skills so you get the most out of the experience.

Program Downloads and Setup

For attendees that will be using a Windows PC, please download MobaXTerm in the non-portable mode. Please have these programs installed before the first day of class. Check out the video for help downloading called MobaXTerm (For Windows Users Only).

For attendees that will be using Mac OS, make sure you are using OS version 10.6 or later in order to run the software that you will be using in the course.

For all attendees, we will be using the X2Go Client for visualizing our read mapping data in IGV.  Please go to the X2Go Client Download Instructions and follow the links to directions for either PC or Mac users. Please have the client downloaded before the first day of class, we will perform a test run with everyone to log in and start IGV on the first day.

For accessing the compute cluster from off the CU-Boulder campus you will need to install and set up the CU-Boulder VPN. Please follow the links for directions from OIT: Windows UsersMac UsersOther 


Linux Skills

We highly recommend all attendees go to Code Academy and take their free online course, Learn the Command Line. This course will teach you some of the basic Linux skills you will be using throughout this workshop and does not require a terminal or other programs (it uses an online simulator). The most common problem people run into in this workshop is learning to use the command line, this will give you a head start! (Note you will have to sign up for a free account)

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