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Day 4: Sequencing QC

Day 4: Sequencing QC Short-Read Workshop 2017

Welcome to Day 4 of the Short-Read Sequencing Analysis Workshop. After Day 4 you should have a basic understanding of how to use FastQC to evaluate the quality of your short-read data and how to trim your reads using Trimmomatic. We will also be reviewing barcoding/indexing and some of the considerations to using barcodes for multiplex sequencing.


Videos for Day 4:

4.1 Barcoding

4.2 Post-Seq Quality Evaluation

4.3 Running Fastqc

4.4 Running Trimmomatic


In-Class Slides for Day 4:

Day 4 In-Class Slides


Worksheets for Day 4:

Day 4 Worksheet 1

Day 4 Worksheet 2


Additional Resources

Cheat Sheet


Homework for Day 4:

Day 4 Homework


          R1 before trim

          R1 paired after trim fastqc

          R2 before trim

          R2 paired after trim fastqc

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