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Day 2

Intro to Linux

Welcome to Day 2 of the Short-Read Sequencing Analysis Workshop. The videos for Day 2 will serve as an introduction to the Linux/Unix environment. After watching the 7 videos you should have some understanding of how we use our local machine to connect and communicate with a remote server or compute cluster, be able to perform basic Linux commands, understand the hierarchical file system of the server, and have an introduction to the text editor VIM.


Videos for Day 2:

2.1 SSH, VPN Intro

2.2 File System and Paths


2.4 Remote RSYNC, Reading Files

2.5 >, >>, <, GREP, WC

2.6 Permissions

2.7 VIM Tutorial


Homework for after Day 2:

Homework is also found on the amazon instance at /scratch/Workshop/SR2019/2_unix/homework/

In-Class Slides


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