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Day 1

Day 1: Course Overview, Intro to Illumina and Library QC Short-Read Workshop 2017

Welcome to Day 1 of the Short-Read Sequencing Analysis Workshop. Today we will be going over what this workshop is about, as well as introduce you to Illumina sequencing and some aspects of library QA/QC. Generally, the videos should be watched before the class, but just for today you can watch them after class.


Videos for Day 1:

1.1 Course Content

1.2 Illumina

1.3 Library Q and A

1.4 Overview of Seq


In-Class Slides for Day 1:




Video Slides for Day 1:

Library QC slides

Day 1 Video 1

Day 1 Video 3

Intro to Illumina Sequencing


Additional Bonus Reading

2014 Seq Depth Coverage Review

Head et al. 2014 Library Troubleshooting

Snyder 2015 Seq Tech Review


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