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Additional Resources

Here are some additional resources for you to use after the course

Helpful Websites

Seqanswers - An open forum for people to post anything and everything about sequencing experiments, technology and data analysis. If you have a question you can either post it or search to see if anyone else has ever asked the same thing.

StackOverflow - A forum for working with the command line, as well as to find help with some programming languages

We recommend that you learn either Python or Perl to help with the analysis of your sequencing data. Being able to write your own scripts to parse data, reconfigure files or pull out specific information from large files is invaluable for most analysis.

Python: Dowell Lab Online Course,

Perl:, Lynda Perl course (CU students, faculty & staff have free subscription)

Some people were interested in learning more about de novo genome assembly, I have provided several current papers on the various programs available here, but we are not very experienced with actually running these pipelines.

2013 Nature Reviews Assembly paper

2014 A field guide to whole-genome sequencing, assembly and annotation

2014 Bioinformatics paper on hybrid assembly

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