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About the Workshop Series

The BioFrontiers Core Facilities and Workshop Series:

Enabling Biotech Companies and Advancing the Skilled Workforce


The BioFrontiers Core Facilities and Workshop Series is a program aimed at enabling local biotechnology companies and advancing the current and future skilled workforce. Unlike other workshops or symposia, the curricula that form each session within the Workshop Series is co-developed by academic and representatives from the local bioscience industry. This ensures that the workshops are relevant and will help satisfy the technological and educational needs of the current and future skilled workforce. Further, industrial representatives are involved in evaluating the effectiveness of the workshops.

The Workshop Series will consist of five multi-day workshops available to local industry covering advanced technological skills in scientific imaging, DNA sequencing and computing. The development and implementation of the Workshop Series is lead by the directors of BioFrontiers’ core facilities: the Next-Generation Sequencing Core; the Advanced Light Microscopy Core, and the Scientific Computing Core. Ongoing support in these areas will be provided to the local bioscience community through personal interactions with the directors of the BioFrontiers Core Facilities. Further, state-of-the-art equipment will be made available for hands-on training session. Large and small companies alike will be able to take advantage of the workshops and ongoing support through free consultations, dedicated industry-focused office hours, and access to specialized, in-house developed equipment and technology.The series will cover three major scientific areas that form the foundation for five separate workshops that cover the domains of Light Microscopy, Next-Generation DNA Sequencing, and Data Computation and Visualization.

The format for each workshop will be unique as each will be formulated and executed through a collaboration between the directors of the core facilities and relevant local industry. In general, each multi-day workshop will include educational lectures, scientific presentations, and significant hands-on experience with technologies from the core facilities.

The successful establishment and execution of this industry-relevant workshop series will put the state of Colorado at the forefront of workforce education, retention, and recruitment, and further demonstrate Colorado’s commitment to its local industry and workforce. This action will have a positive influence on the recruitment of other skilled workers and enterprises to our state, and generate a competitive advantage for local industry and its workforce, resulting in a positive impact on other domains such as applied research and development.

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