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Agarose gel size selection is notoriously time and labor intensive, prone to contamination and is somewhat subjective resulting in inconsistencies between researchers.  

The BluePippin is an automated DNA/protein size selection instrument which obfuscates the need for gel extraction without risk of cross-contamination.  The fraction containing the desired fragment size is collected in buffer and simply pipetted out.  It also has better resolution than using SPRI beads for size selection.  The BluePippin is capable of selecting for a tight size range (eg amplicon libraries), a broad range (gDNA or RNA libraries) or all fragments above a certain threshold.

Listed are the the gel cassette types and size ranges for DNA

  • 3% agarose, 100-250bp
  • 2% agarose, 100-600bp
  • 1.5% agarose, 250bp – 1.5kb
  • 0.75% agarose, 1-50kb

For more information visit: Sage Science

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