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Intro to Git Workshop

Please check back for updates for workshop announcements

Workshop Announcement and Registration

Workshop PDF announcement

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  • Workshop will provide everything needed to get started using the BioFrontiers GitLab services. 
  • Coming soon! Information for logging into the workshop cluster

Useful Information

These resources are worth looking over prior to the start of class, but may also be helpful as a reference during the workshop. 

 Git Resources

Commands used in workshopMost of these basic Git commands will be covered during the Introduction to Git workshop.  The "Other Commands" section at the bottom will not be explicitly covered, so looking at these basic Linux commands ahead of time would be a good idea. 


 Intro Linux Commands

Commands useful for workshopThis commands will be used during the class.  We highly recommend reviewing and become familiar with these commands.
Code Academy Command Line Some very basic Linux command line usage will be required during the class.  One option for gaining this knowledge is to follow the Codecademy tutorial


Workshop Survey 

We would really appreciate feedback on the workshop.  Please take a moment by filling out a short survey.

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