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Day2: Intro to Linux

Welcome to Day 2 of the Short-Read Sequencing Analysis Workshop. The videos for Day 2 will serve as an introduction to the Unix environment. After watching the 3 videos you should have a basic understanding of how to work within a Unix environment 

Videos for Day 2

Video1: Introduction to Unix This video goes over some basics on computer components, what an operating system is and how it works, how information is stored on a disk file system and how to communicate directly with an operating system.

Video2: Basics of using Unix commands This videos will show you how to use a remote shell to login to a remote machine, accessing files, full versus relative paths, redirecting input/output, Stdin/Stdout/Stderr, piping, and basic Unix commands.

Video3: More Unix This video will show you how to actually work within a Unix window and walks you through some basic Unix commands. 

Files for Day 2

Cheat sheet for Unix command

Slides for Day2 in class (2015)

Homework problems for Day2

Homework solutions for Day2

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